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The Foul Line.

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Q: What is the line at the start of the lane that the bowler cannot cross when rolling the bowling ball is called?
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What is free hit in cricket?

This concept is unique to Twenty20 cricket. If a bowler is called for a "No Ball" because a bowler overstepped the popping crease, then the bowler's next delivery is declared a "Free Hit," which means that a batsman cannot be dismissed by a catch, bowling, LBW, or stumping. He can only be dismissed by those methods that happen to be allowed under a No Ball--most notably run out.

Can a bowler do bowling using both hands in the same match or in the over?

Yes. At the beginning of a new spell, the umpire will ask the bowler "Right-arm over?" or something similar to determine which arm he will use and which side of the wicket he will bowl from. The umpire then informs the batsman. If the bowler decides to change either of these (to bowl around the wicket or with his left arm) he must inform the umpire, who informs the batsman. If changes either without telling the umpire, the delivery is illegal and will be called a no-ball. Similarly, a batsman must tell a bowler whether he will bat right- or left-handed, and cannot change without notifying the bowler. A bowler, however, does not have to tell anyone what style he intends to bowl. There is nothing to stop a bowler from bowling a fizzing leg break, followed by a 150km/h thunderbolt, followed by an arm ball. "Which arm" and "which side" are the only things a bowler has to disclose.

How do you play 5 pin bowling?

You cannot. It is 10-pin bowling.

What is the mean absolute deviation of the bowling scores?

This question cannot be answered unless the bowling scores are provided.

What is the rule for using talcum powder or other substances on the bowling alley lanes.?

According to the USBC you cannot place anything on the bowling approach which may alter another bowler's performance ability. It is usually considered okay, however if someone complains that it is altering their play, then it is a violation and the president should tell the violator to stop immediately, if they do not, they can forfeit their scores or points for the game.

How-to make a floating and sinking bowling ball?

you cannot make a floating and sinking bowling ball, it is highly impossible.

How does magby learn rolling kick?

Magby cannot learn Rolling Kick in Generation IV.

Where can men's bowling shoes be purchased?

Men's bowling shoes cannot be purchased at just any shoe store. They can be bought online (Amazon) or at your local bowling alley outfitter (together with a new ball if you like).

What is in off in cricket?

Your question cannot be understood, but if you are asking what is "Off Side in the game of Cricket" , the answer is: For a right handed batsman, the off side is to his right as he faces the bowler. For a left handed batsman, the off side is to his left as he faces the bowler.

Can you by a 50cc car?

No. 50cc's cannot generate enough power to get a car rolling.

How to find proper bowling equipment to improve your game?

Bowling is a fun game. It was at the height of its popularity many years ago. In some areas of the country it is still as popular as ever. There are some high schools that have bowling as a class. Once a week the class goes to the local bowling alley, what great fun that must be!In order to be a good bowler, you need great hand-to-eye coordination. Good eye sight helps too! You also need bowling equipment that fits you properly. There are basic items that you need to have in order to bowl. Then there are specialty bowling equipment items that will help you become a better bowler.Since you cannot bowl in your street shoes, you need to have a good pair of bowling shoes. You can rent them at the bowling alley, or you can buy your own. If you are a serious bowler, you should buy your own shoes. Most people feel more comfortable wearing their own bowling shoes.Of course you need a proper fitting bowling ball. Again, you can use one of the bowling balls available at the alley, or you can buy one, which is far better for your game. The sales people at the pro shop will help you determine what weight bowling ball you need. They will help fit the ball to you and determine where the three holes need to be drilled.Now that you have the shoes and the ball, you need something to carry them in. A bowling ball bag is a specialty bag that holds the bowling ball and your bowling shoes. There is also room in the bag for a small rag and a hand towel. You need the rag to wipe off the bowling ball periodically during the games. You need the hand towel to wipe your hand, especially if they get damp.Other bowling equipment that may help you improve your game would be a glove. You only need on, one the hand you use to throw the ball. The glove is meant to help you keep your thumb in the up position as you prepare to release the ball.Use the right bowling equipment and enjoy the game

Does bowling ball cleaners have alcohol as ingredient?

Some do but most do not. Though alcohol is a great cleaner itself, It cannot remove all the things that a bowling ball picks up.

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