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You will not miss a game for having only got one yellow card in a match. In some competitions if you get a number of yellow cards over a series of matches, you will miss a game. There are different rules about that.

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According to the Laws of the Game, a second caution (yellow card) in the same match results in a send-off (red card), and that player cannot participate any longer. Some leagues and competitions impose additional sanctions, such as missing a match if he gets one yellow card in each of two consecutive matches. There may also be monetary penalties at higher levels, or other penalties associated with accumulation of a number of cautions during a season.

There are a total of 36 people eligible to be shown the yellow card in any match. Because each could theoretically be cautioned twice, the yellow card may be shown a maximum of 72 times in a standard match (including those shown after the match has ended due to lack of eligible players), but this is obviously a very extreme case.

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Each player or substitute may receive two cautions during a match, after receiving the second they are also sent-off and must leave the vicinity of the field.

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Two. If you get a second yellow card, you are sent off.

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Q: What is the limit on getting yellow cards in soccer?
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