What is the lie in a hockey stick?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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the curve from the shaft to the tip of the blade

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Q: What is the lie in a hockey stick?
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A Quick Guide to Understanding Hockey Stick Lie Numbers?

Understanding a hockey stick's lie number can help you choose a stick that is appropriate for your style of play. This is the case because using a hockey stick's lie number wisely can help you choose a hockey stick blade that can help you maximize your ability to handle a puck while playing.Here is a brief guide that can help you understand what a hockey stick lie number is and how it is used to help hockey players choose a hockey stick blade. To start off, here is how hockey players define a lie number.A lie number is the angle that is made between the stick's blade and shaft.It tells players how narrow or wide the distance is between a hockey stick's blade and shaft. This distance is known as a lie angle. This is the case because it represents the angle a hockey stick makes when its blade and shaft sit, or lie, perpendicular to the ground.The lie number can range between 4 to 8.As a result, lower lie numbers represent wider lie angles while larger numbers represent narrower lie angles. This information can be useful to use because it can help you determine which hockey sticks fit your style of play.To see what we mean, please read how lie numbers help players choose hockey sticks.For example, hockey sticks with lower lie angles are usually recommended for players who prefer to skate lower to the ice because the wider angle can help these players control the puck in front of them efficiently.On the other hand, hockey sticks with higher lie angles are recommended for hockey players who tend to skate more upright while passing or handling a puck. This is usually the case because it can help these players control the puck closer to their bodies.Your local sporting goods dealer can help you understand how to use lie numbers.Therefore, please visit a reputable sporting goods dealership that specializes in hockey equipment for more details about lie numbers.

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.

Why was the hockey stick invented?

The hockey stick was invented to use along with the hockey puck in the game of hockey. The Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia are credited with inventing the hockey stick.

How do you make a hockey stick?

you first need to get wood and then carve it to hockey stick form. then paint it to make it an officully hockey stick.

Is warrior mojo hockey stick an ice hockey stick?

Yes it is a ice hockey stick a friend of mine uses and has one.

When was the hockey stick invented?

In soviet russia, hockey stick invent you.

What are hockey stick?

hockey stickstwigs

What is the name of the field hockey stick?

It is quite simply referred to as a "hockey stick" or a "stick" by most people.

When when was the first hockey stick invented?

The first hockey stick was invented in 1840.

How much does an old hockey stick weigh?

My hockey stick weighs 595g.

What is the value of an unsigned Northland hockey stick?

what is the value of a northand hockey stick

When was The Hockey Stick Illusion created?

The Hockey Stick Illusion was created in 2010.