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Starting in the 2008-09 season, the college three point line will be at a distance of 20 feet, 9 inches which is one foot further than it was previously.

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Q: What is the length of the new 3-point line in college basketball?
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How far is college 3point line?

19 feet 9 inches

When did three point line start in college basketball?


Was there a four point shooting line in college basketball?

of course not

High school basketball foul line length?

15ft clowns

How far is a college basketball foul shot?

a college basketball foul shot/line is always 15ft fron the center of the hoop

How long do you have to get a basketball across the half court line in mens college Basketball?

10 seconds

What is 3point shot?

A basket made when the player shoots from behind the line drawn on the floor - 21 feet or so from the basket (different lengths for college, international and NBA courts).

What is the length and width from free throw line of basketball court?

about 10- 12 ft in length from the rim

How far is the free throw line in college basketball?

2 feet

When did the 3 point line come into effect in college basketball?


When was the college basketball three point line extended?

It was extended in 2007

Boundary line that runs the width of the court in basketball?

the length of the court is side line and the width of the court is base line

What is the length of time that college men are allowed to advance the basketball beyond the half court line?

8 seconds in the regular season and 10 seconds in the ncaa tourny

What is the length of a high school three point shot?

The length is 19 feet 9 inches from the basketball to the line.

Are pro basketball and college basketball courts the same size?

The 3 point line is farther on an NBA court.

When was three point line first introduced in college basketball?

The Southern conference tested the line in the late 70s.

3 point line in college basketball?

Yes because you have to prepare for the NBA by shooting at the three point line.

How far is a college three point line from the basketball goal?

20.9 feet from center of rim.

What is the base line in basketball?

The base line in basketball is the out of bounds line!

When was the three point line added to basketball?

It depends what league you're talking about. In the NBA it was added in 1988. In college basketball I think it was added in 1989.

In basketball how long do you have to clear the centre line?

Highschool and College: 10 seconds NBA: 8 seconds

Is the line in or out in basketball?

The line is out in basketball. If a player has the ball and his toe touches the line, he is out of bounds.

How far is the basketball line from the 3 point line?

i think you mean how far is the three point line from the net?!? High school: 19ft College:21ft NBA:24ft

Are high school and college basketball distances the same for free throw line and three point line?

yes. both are at 15 feet like the NBA

Where is the midcourt line in basketball?

The midcourt line in basketball exactly divides the basketball court into two equal sections. In the NBA the line is47 feet from each end line.