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Q: What is the length of a free throw what is the length of a free throw?
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What is the length from the basket to the free throw line?

14 feet

What is the line on a basketball court that divides it into 2?

free throw line free throw line free throw line

Dimension of basketball free throw lane?

The free throw line in basketball is 15 feet away from the hoop. It is also 12 foot from end to end. Free throws allow the team to score points with no opposition during the throw.

How long is the stroke of an engine compared to length of a crankshaft throw?

The length of the crankshaft throw is the stroke of the engine.

Who shoots the free throw?

dirk Nowitzki is the person who shoots the free throw

How many points are awarded for a free throw in basketball?

One point for each successfully made free throw.

What is Shaquille O'Neal free throw average?

as of 3/30/10, his career Free Throw percentage is 52.7%Shaq's free throw percentage is 53.7%

How far free throw is?

It is done from the free throw line, about 20 feet from the hoop.

How for is the free throw line from the basket?

The free throw line is 15 feet from the basket.

Is a substitute throw awarded if B1 disconcerts free thrower A1 but the attempt is successful?

If the free throw is made after the disconcerting by B1 there is NO additional free throw for A1

When you release the ball for a free throw shot and you are standing behind the line but end up past the line when you land is the free throw shot legal?

No it isn't, you must start and finish your free throw attempts behind the free throw line

What is the diameter of a free throw circle?

The diameter of a free throw circle is 9 feet and 6 inches. That line from the center of the free throw line to the top of the key is the radius of the circle.