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5in. for soccer and 6in. for a NFL

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2011-10-18 22:16:52
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Q: What is the length of a football crossbar?
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In football what is the place where the post meets the crossbar called?


How tall are football goalposts from the ground to the crossbar?

3 meters

How many feet is the goal post in football?

The lower post is 10 feet tall and placed approximately 80 feet from the sidelines. The crossbar, which is 18 feet, 6 inches in length, sits atop the post. The uprights extend 30 feet above the crossbar.

In what sport is the Crossbar Challenge?

Crossbar Challenge is played in the sport soccer. This is a challenge which is used in the game of soccer. It can also be used to play in the game of football.

Can you catch the football off the crossbar?

No, once it has hit the cross bars it is considered out of play.

What makes a field goal good?

The football, after being kicked by the place kicker, must travel over the crossbar and between the two uprights of the goal post. It can hit one of these bars, but it must then bounce in such a way that it still goes over the crossbar and between the uprights. There is no limit on how high the football can go. The "uprights", though they have a finite physical length, are considered, for the purposes of the game, to extend upward infinitely.

How high is the crossbar in football?

10 feet, NFL/NCAA/High School

How high is the crossbar on a football goal post?

10 feet, NFL/NCAA/High School

If in a football game and there is a pelenty if the ball hits the crossbar is the ball still in game play?

NO! sorry there is not

What is the height of the horizontal bar of a high school football goal post?

The crossbar is 10 feet above the ground.

What is the height of a football goal post?

The crossbar of a goal post is exactly 10 feet high from the top of the bar to the ground.

What is a crossbar?

A crossbar is a horizontal bar, stripe, line ect.

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