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The length varies from stadium to stadium.

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Q: What is the length between home plate and left field and center field and right field in baseball?
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What does Cf in Major League Baseball?

Cf stands for center field a position in the out field between the right fielder and the left field

Where on a baseball field is the garden?

it is usually in center field as a lot of ballparks have some kind of foliage over the center field wall

What is the average length of a Baseball field?

210 feet.

What is there position called in out field in baseball?

The three positions are Left Field, Right Field, and Center Field.

How many outfielders are on a baseball field at a time?

Three. Left field,right field and center field.

What are the dimensions of a baseball field?

There is 90 feet between each base. The amount of foul territory down the lines and behind home plate varies from stadium to stadium. The length of the outfield fences also varies. Usually, the distance down the left field and right field lines is around 330 feet and to center field is at least 400 feet.a baseball field is 180 times 127 feet. i think.

How big is a MLB baseball field?

5000 ft in right field 5040 ft in center field

What is the length of a soccer field a Gram or kilogram's or kilometer?

The length can vary, between 90m - 120m, the width is in between 45m - 90m.However for internationalmatches, the length of the field of play can be between 100m - 110m, and the width between 64m - 75m.

Where is Angelo State University Alumni center?

On campus between the Baseball field & the Junnel Center. On the corner of University Avenue & South Jackson. Nice building, cannot miss it.

How big is a MLB baseball?

5000 ft in right field 5040 ft in center field

How many feet are between bases on a baseball field?

On a major league baseball field it is 90 feet in between bases.

How many players on field for baseball?

In college, and major league baseball there are 9 players. Pitcher , Catcher, 1st base-man, 2nd base-man, shortstop, 3rd base-man, right field, center field, and left field. For young baseball teams there are 10, Pitcher, Catcher, 1st base-man, 2nd base-man, 3rd base-man, right field, center right field, center left field, and left field.

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