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It is 48 min. But with timeouts, fouls, and halftime show it takes a little over 2.5 hours. Also excluding overtime

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Q: What is the lenght of time for an NBA game?
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What is the best NBA video game of all time?

The NBA video game to me is NBA 2k10

What time is the NBA game?


How do you tie a NBA game?

The game of the NBA can never be tied. That's why they have the OT(Over Time).

Who are the NBA game time commenter's on the NBA channel?

we have no idea sorry.

What is the best NBA game of all time?

The best game of all time would be NBA 2k12 for right now.The second best would be NBA 2k11.And the third would be NBA Live 10.Thoose would be the best nba games of all time.

What does term of office refer to?

the lenght of time that officials serve. the lenght of time that officials serve.

What is the longest NBA game time?

20 overtimes

How old was Kobe Bryant when he started his first game?

He was 20 when he first started an NBA game but the first time he played in an NBA game he was 18.

What is the most longest time to play in one game in the NBA?

the whole game

What is the shortest NBA game running time of all time?

1 hour

What is the clock time for an NBA game?

Four 12-minute quarters

How long does overtime last in the nba?

5:00 game time

Who is the all time leader in game winning shots in the nba?


What is the average score of a NBA basketball game at half time?

The Answer is 46

What is the time for each quarter game in the basketball?

12 mins in the NBA

What time does the NBA all star game start?

Starts 1:00pm Central Time

What is regulation time for an NBA game?

Four twelve minute quarters..48minutes

How many minutes in the half time of an NBA basketball game?

15 minutes.

When did NBA 2k11 game came out?

It has already come out, a long time ago.

NBA Live 10 or NBA 2K10 which on should you get and why?

Definitely get NBA live it has better graphics (just go to youtube and look at the face comparisons) it has better game play and the extras are better as well. Usually 2k is better in NBA but they bombed this time. NBA live 10 is the best basketball game of all time. Trust me on this one!

What time does the 2008 NBA all-star game start?

Starts 1:00pm Central Time

How long does an NBA game last?

An NBA game consists of 48 minutes of play. However, with timeouts, halftime, free throws, and other parts of the game that cause time to stop, NBA games actually last around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The nba all time leader in points per game?

bryson J. Williams

What was the most attended NBA game?

The 2010 NBA All Star Game. With 108,713 attendance to the game

What is the best NBA video game?

Nba: 2k10