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1mm off the floor.

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Q: What is the legal height of a high school basketball hoop?
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Do you have to be tall to play in high school basketball?

You don't have to be any height to play in high school basketball, or any basketball.

What is the height of a high school girls basketball hoop?


Is a proffessional basketball goal and a high school's basketball goal the same height?


Height of Jr high basketball hoop?

The height of a junior high school basketball hoop is the same as any other hoop:10 feet

What is the height of a high school girls basketball net?

10 feet

What is the official height of a high school basketball hoop?

10 feet

What is the height of a standard high school basketball hoop?

10 Feet!

What is the height of hoop of basketball court?

High school, college and the NBA, all use 10 ft high basketball hoops.

What is the average jumping height of a high school basketball player?

The average jumping height is 10 feet.(In America)

What is the height of a west virgina middle school basketball goal?

10 feet high

What is the height for elementary basketball goals?

Elementary basketball is the same as high school college and even the NBA, it 10 feet from the floor.

What is the standard clear height from floor surface to structure or scoreboard in a basketball gym?

What is standard height of high school gym scoreboard

What is the height of a basketball net?

Ten feet from the floor to the rim (this is true for high school, college and NBA).

How high is college basketball ring?

10 feet high. All standard goals are that height; goals for high school, college, and professional games.

Height of basketball ring NBA?

The official height of an NBA basketball ring, is 10 feet from the court to the rim. It's also 10 feet for official high school and college courts! =)

What is the regulation height of a high school basketball hoop?

Height of H.S. basketball hoopsThere is no difference in the height of the hoop between high school, college, and pro basketball. They all use the same 10-foot height. Since a basketball is round, the height of the basketball would also be its diameter. The diameter of a basketball is around 9 inches since there are minor differences in the size of basketball used by organizations (FIBA, NBA, etc).According to the related link below, the maximum circumference of the ball used in FIBA competition is 30.7 inches (78 cm) and in NBA competition is 29 inches.

What is the height of a high school girls basketball rim?

Ten feet; from the floor immediately below, to the top of the goal.

The mode height of the players on a high school basketball team is 68 inches What does this tell you about the typical height of a player on this team?

the average height of the players on the team is 68 inches.

Basketball rim height high school?

I think it is about 10 feet tall. From junior high to the NBA, the official height from the top of the goal to the floor immediately beneath, is 10 feet.

How many years can you play high school basketball?

You can play high school basketball as long as you are in high school, which is an average of 4 years.

How high are the basketball rings in wheelchair basketball?

The hoops are the same height as a normal basketball hoop is.

What is the height of junior high basketball hoops?

The heighth for Jr. High Basketball hoops is 10 feet.

Does Texas high school basketball have a shot clock?

No Texas does not have a shot clock for high school basketball

Are tattoo's legal in High School basketball?

Yes they are well for the public schools yes, don't really know about private school rules

What is the height of basketball RING?

About 10 feet high