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Q: What is the least number of players used to win an English Football League Title?
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What is the number of players in the national football league?


What famous National Football League players wore the number 8?

Troy Aikman

What sport has the highest profit?

FOOTBALL! They have a large number of players with over $75 million dollar contracts!

Why are there nearly no English football players abroad?

There are in fact a number of English players abroad. However, the Premier League being the richest league in the world the most talented English players are often signed by large clubs at a young age. Another argument is that English players fall into a style of football that is more direct and competition for possesion is higher, a playing style that is not as common in other European nations such as Spain and Italy where pass completion if slower and more free flowing. A more interesting was to look at this question though is why are there so few English players in the Premiership as well as abroad. This comes back to investment in grass roots fottball and large clubs would rather invest in players from around the world who already have demonstrated talent than try to develop local players through academys.

Which famous soccer players wear number 18 for their league team?

The former English footballer wears a jersey no 18

Number of professional football players?


Who wore number 15 for Indiana hoosiers football?

which football indiana hoosier football players wore number 15

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Which team has the second most number of championships in he uae football league?

What sport has the largest number of gay players?


Which football players were number 17?

Mike Wallece.

Do football players pick their own number?

Not usually.

What team does Andros Townsend play for?

Andros Townsend plays football for Queens Park Rangers Football Club in the English Premier League. He is a midfielder and wears number 31 on this jersey.