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basically the same as a Baseball and softball field

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Q: What is the layout of a rounders field?
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Why did Alexander cartwright make a diamond shape field?

The shape of a baseball diamond was designated by Alexander Cartwright because he wanted the field to be different than that of the field in the sport rounders. The rounders field is in the shape of a square, not a diamond.

What is field change in rounders?

you can remove a person from the 3rd base and 1st base and then onto another field.You do not need to have a person on first or third base as this does not cause any rounders

How many players are on the rounders field for each team at one time?

six from each team

How do you remove a field from a control layout in a form displayed in layout view?

You can change the way the controls are arranged by changing the control layout, or you can remove controls from the layout to work with individual controls.

How do you add field to blank form in layout view?

Depends what program you are talking about

How do you say rounders in German?

Rounders is "Schlagball" in German.

What was the Production Budget for Rounders?

The Production Budget for Rounders was $12,000,000.

When was Rounders released?

Rounders was released on 09/11/1998.

What are the skills required for rounders?

one attacking tactic for rounders is putting a left handed batter in the middle of your batting line up. This would thrown off the fielders as they would have to change their position on the field, making it harder for the fielders to gain control of the play.

What is so good about rounders?

Well, it is up to you if you like rounders or not so it depends on who is answering the question. I don't mind rounders but it isn't my favourite sport, so that is my opinion, it is up to you about what you think about rounders.

How many in a rounders team?

There are 9 players on a rounders team.

What is the governing body in rounders?

its a toe