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Not a phrase but a single word: the usual term for a chariot race is curriculum, from currus meaning a chariot. You asked for the plural form - curricula.

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Q: What is the latin phrase for chariot races?
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What games do the circus maximus hold?

Circus was the Latin for racer track. The circus Maximus was the biggest race track in ancient Rome. It hosted horse races and chariot races.

What did they do in the circus Maximus?

The had many chariot races there and it was also a mass entertainment spot too

When were the chariot races held?

Chariot races were usually held in connection with some festival or the worship of some god.

What kinds of free entertainment did the hippodrome offer to citizens with Roman Constantinople?

chariot races, horse races, and gladiator fights

What could you see in circus maximus?

The Circus Maximus was Rome's main race track. You would see horse races and chariot races. Circus was the Latin word for race track.

Why do the Romans like to race in chariots?

Because they had not has much entertainment as we have. They only had choice between theater, gladiator fights and chariot races. They liked chariot races because this is action, adrenaline, ect. Chariot races are like car races today.

Who was in charge of the chariot races?

It Was The Emporeor

What are the release dates for Pasadena Chariot Races - 1913?

Pasadena Chariot Races - 1913 was released on: USA: 9 March 1913

What is a good sentence with the word chariot?

I'll see you at the chariot races! I am upgrading to a two-horse chariot.

Where were Olympic chariot races held?

Chariot and horse racing were held in the Hippodrome.

What is a charioteer and his chariot?

A charioteer is a driver of a chariot and a chariot is like a horse and wagon but was primarily used for races in the Colosseum.

Who watched Ancient Roman chariot racing?

Everyone went to see the chariot races. Chariot races and the gladiatorial games were the most popular forms of entertainment. The Circus Maximus, the chariot racing track, could host 150,000 spectators.