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Ironically, "March Madness" (as the NCAA men's Basketball tournament has come to be known) is designed such that the Championship Game is always played on the first Monday in April. (I guess the madness is considered to have quieted itself by the time only two teams remain.)

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Q: What is the last day for march madness?
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How long does March Madness last?

March Madness is a month long tournament.

What day does March Madness 2012 begin?

march 15

When is the last time BYU won March Madness?


Bracket for March Madness 2010?

Last years brackets?

Copyright March madness?

March Madness is copyrighted:

Is 'March Madness' copyrighted?

The phrase "March Madness" is a registered trademark of the March Madness Athletic Association.

Organizer of March Madness?

The NCAA is the organizer of March Madness.

How many people filled out March Madness brackets last year?

A lot

Are you a March Madness fan?

Yes, I am a huge March Madness fan. I look forward to March Madness every year.

Where did the name march madness come from?

since most of it is in march, they call it march madness

How long is march madness?

March Madness is a 4 week tournament.

How many pages does A March to Madness have?

A March to Madness has 512 pages.

How do you get into the final four?

By making to the last four teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament

Last time 5 seed won March Madness?

It has never happened before.

Who won march madness 2001?

Duke won march madness in 2001.

When did Mega March Madness end?

Mega March Madness ended in 2010.

When was A March to Madness created?

A March to Madness was created on 1999-02-15.

When does march madness occur?


When do March Madness brackets come out?

This year, 2012, selection Sunday is March 11th and National Bracket Day is March 12th.

What are the release dates for March Madness - 2005?

March Madness - 2005 was released on: USA: March 2005

How many times has Kent State been in March Madness?

Kent State has been in March Madness five times with their last bid coming in 2008. Their best March Madness was in 2002 when they went to the Elite 8 and lost to Indiana, 81-69, in the South Region finals.

When was the last time a 16 beat a 1 in the ncaa March Madness tournament?

Never Never

What are the dates for NCAA March Madness 2012?

March Madness 2012 begins March 13th and ends April 2nd.

Is there a March Madness flag?


What are the madness videos of madness day 2009?

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