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I think it is 91 worn by Boston Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves. They also have a catcher with the number 92 who was recently demotes to the minor leagues.

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Q: What is the largest uniform number in baseball?
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Is the number on a baseball players uniform a ordinal number nominal number or a cardinal number?


Who had 52 as a baseball uniform number?

CC Sabathia on the Yankees

What was the number on Bugs Bunny's baseball uniform?

He played every position, but Bugs Bunny didn't have a uniform number in the classic 1946 Warner Bros. animated short "Baseball Bugs."

What was Tom Tresh's baseball number?

Tom Tresh Uniform Number 15Tom Tresh wore uniform number 15 for the New York Yankees from 1961 -1969.

What kind of number is the number on a baseball player's uniform?

This is a one or two digit positive integer.

What was Honus Wagners number for Major League Baseball?

They did not use uniform numbers when Honus Wagner played baseball.

WHAT WAS La angels baseball player kendry morales 2009 uniform number?


How can you look up everyone who ever wore a certain baseball uniform number?

Who wore uniform number 5 for the New York Giants baseball team?

Jake Sales

Who wears baseball uniform number 24?

2nd Baseman of the New York Yankees Robinson Cano.

Who has worn in number 8 in pro baseball?

Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra have both donned the number 8, as well as a Yankees uniform.

What happened on Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary debut?

His uniform number (42) was retired by Major League Baseball.