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Q: What is the largest point differential in the nba playoffs?
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What nba game had largest point differential in 2011-2012?

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Charlotte Bobcats 121 to 53. That is a point differential of 68 points.

What is the largest point differential in an NBA finals game?

39 points with the Boston Celtics winning game 6 and the 2008 NBA finals.

When was NBA Playoffs created?

NBA Playoffs was created in 1947.

What NBA game had the largest point differential?

The largest margin of victory in the shot-clock era was 68, when the Cavaliers beat the Heat 148-80 in Cleveland on Dec. 17, 1991

Most 40 point games in playoffs nba?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

How many rounds are in the NBA playoffs?

There are four rounds in the NBA Playoffs.

Who won the NBA playoffs?

Kylie Minogue recently won the NBA playoffs.

When are thge NBA playoffs?

The 2012 NBA Playoffs began on April 28.

Which nba teams are in the playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

Who is still in NBA playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

The player with most three point shots in the nba playoffs?

That would be Reggie Miller.

What players have the most 40 point games in NBA playoffs?

Kareem abdul jabbar

Who won the 2010 NBA playoffs?

No team has won the NBA playoffs yet. (2010)

When did NBA playoffs start 2009?

The 2009 NBA Playoffs started on Saturday, April 18.

When did the 2010 NBA playoffs start?

The 2010 NBA playoffs began on April 17, 2010.

When is the NBA playoffs in 2010?

The NBA playoffs start April 18th and the Cleveland Cavaliers will win.

Does the NBA playoffs happen each year?

Yes the NBA playoffs are held each year.

Is there reseeding in the NBA playoffs?


How long are the NBA playoffs?

The NBA playoffs generally begin in the middle of April and end about the middle of June.

What month are the NBA playoffs?

The Playoffs last through April and May and then the NBA finals start in June.

What NBA player holds the career for most 50 point games in the playoffs?

Michael Jordan - 8

What are facts about the NBA?

# NBA stands for National Basketball Association # There are 30 teams in the NBA # David Stern is the commissioner # There is an NBA draft held every June # There are playoffs every year # The winner of the playoffs is named the NBA champion # There are a maximum of 15 players on a team # There are five people on the court from each team at all times # The NBA hoop is 10ft. tall # There is a two point shot and a three point shot

Did the Sixers go to the playoffs in 1988?

No, the Philadelphia 76ers did not make the NBA Playoffs in the 1987-1988 NBA Season.

Where can you make the NBA Playoffs Bracket?

espn/nba bracket

How tough are the nba playoffs?