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85,265 were admitted to Yankee Stadium on September 29,1928. Receipts were $115,000.

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Q: What is the largest number ever in attendance at Yankee Stadium baseball Game?
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What is the largest number ever in attendance at Yankee Stadium?

1958: Jehovah's Witness Convention brought in 253,000+ people The attendance at Yankee Stadium was 123, 707; the rest were at the Polo Grounds, making the combined attendance over 253,000 people.

Largest baseball seating?

Yankee Stadium

What was the opening day attendance for Yankee Stadium in 1923?

The attendance at Yankee Stadium on Opening Day of the baseball season was extremely high. Approximately 70,000 fans were there and another approximately 25,000 people were turned away. The date was April 18, 1923.

What is largest capacity for baseball stadium in US?

Yankee Stadium at a little over 57000.

What was the lowest Yankee Stadium attendance?


In average how many people came to Yankee Stadium in 2008?

The 2008 Yankees Stadium attendance was 4,298,655

What are other names for Yankee Stadium?

The old stadium was called "The House That Ruth Built","The Cathedral of Baseball" & "The Bronx Zoo". The new stadium is called "New Yankee Stadium", "Yankee Stadium II" & "The Big Ballpark in the Bronx".

What is the biggest American league stadium?

Yankee stadium has the largest seat capacity.

What is the best baseball stadium?

The Yankee Stadium

Why Was Yankee Stadium built?

for baseball.

Why would you visit Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium is a place of interest for baseball fans. It hosts a major league baseball team the New York Yankees.

Was there a baseball hit out of Yankee stadium?

no baseball was ever hit out of Yankees Stadium for a home run.

How many fans attended the last game of the 2009 World Series?

The announced attendance of 50,315 for Game 6 of the 2009 World Series was the largest crowd to watch a game at the new Yankee Stadium in 2009.

What and where is Manhattan's largest sport arena?

new Yankee stadium

Where do the New York Yankees play baseball?

The Yankees play at Yankee Stadium, The Bronx, New York. The "new" Yankee Stadium is located across the street from the "old" Yankee Stadium in the Bronx section of New York City.

What is the smallest baseball field?

Yankee Stadium

What Major League Baseball stadium has the deepest center field?

Yankee stadium

What is the most expensive baseball stadium?

I would say Yankee Stadium (2009)

Where is the New York baseball hall of fame in?

The Yankee Hall of Fame is in Yankee Stadium.

What baseball stadium holds the most fans?

Yankee Stadium. Dodger stadium-56,000

How many people visit Yankee Stadium each year?

In 2009 the New York Yankees had a home attendance of 3,719,358.

Where is the smallest pro baseball field?

Yankee stadium

Which is bigger Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium?

Yankee Stadium

WHAT sports IS played at Yankee stadium New York?


What is the newest baseball staium in the us?

new Yankee stadium