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Old Trafford Stadium!

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Q: What is the largest league football stadium in UK?
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Which is the largest stadium in UK?

Wembley stadium

What is the biggest soccer stadium in the UK?

Wembley stadium will be the largest football ground when it is complete seating around 90000 people although this is only a venue for England matches and cup finals. Old Trafford the home of Manchester United is the largest premier league ground holding around 70000 fans.

Highest football stadium in UK?


Which football stadium is the biggest in the UK?

balmoor stadium home to peterhead fc

Which soccer stadium in the UK has the largest seating capacity?

The soccer stadium in the UK with the largest seating capacity is Wembley Stadium in London. The stadium hosts the English National Team and has 90,000 seats with no obstructed views.

How many football leagues are there in the UK?

the league in the football is 35

What is the largest participation sport in the uk?


What is the UK's worst football team?

Officially, in the Football League, Torquay are.

How many football league grounds in UK?


What was the largest rugby crowd in the UK?

Twickenham stadium has a capacity in excess of 80,000. It is usually full for an international. Wrong. The largest "rugby" crowd in the UK for either code is the 1954 Challenge Cup Final Replay at Bradford's Odsal stadium for RUGBY LEAGUE. The crowd, which broke down the stadium fences due to the sheer volume of people, was estimated at more than 120,000 by the police. As many as 150,000 may have tried to access the stadium. Easily the biggest rugby crowd in UK history for either code...

Which football team is at the top of the uk premier league?


What UK venue holds most fans?

Wembley Stadium is recognized as the largest venue in the UK with a capacity of 90,000.

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