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5 runs

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Q: What is the largest deficit overcome in major league baseball all star game history?
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What is the largest deficit overcome in an MLB All-Star Game?


What is the largest scoring deficit in college football history?


What was the Largest deficit overcome to win in college football?

Michigan State vs Northwestern. the deficit was 35 points, MSU was down 38-3

What is the largest deficit overcome for a win in the nfl?

When the Buffalo Bills came back down 35-3 to beat the Houston Oilers.

What is the largest score deficit overcome by a team in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs in a major league baseball game?

Indians were down 10 to 5 in the v9 and scored 6 runs with two outs to win it

Which president presided over the LARGEST budget deficit in any single year?

President Barack Obama has presided over the largest budget deficit in any single year. He has presided over five of the largest in history. His highest was at $1.296791 trillion in 2011.

What was the largest comeback in New York Mets history?

The Mets overcame an 8 run deficit in 1972 to beat Houston

What is the biggest American fooball score deficit?

The largest NFL score differential was in the 1940 NFL Championship when the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0. The largest deficit to be overcome and win was 32-0 (Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers), which Buffalo won 41-38 in OT.

What is the largest comeback in major league baseball history?


What was the largest point spread in baseball history?

its Americas past time

What is the largest deficit overcome in a NBA game?

the Utah jazz were down 36 points early in the third quarter, but came back to beat the denver nuggets 107-103 on November 27 1996

What is biggest deficit in basketball game?

The largest deficit was in the 2012 London Games when Team USA beat Nigeria 156-73. That is a 83 point deficit.

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