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The largest American football stadium in America Michigan stadium nicknamed "the big house". It is located in Ann Arbor Michigan, near Detroit.

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The Big House in Ann Arbor, MI has 107, 501 seats but can hol up to 120,000 fans. An upper deck is currently being added so that number will increase.

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Q: What is the largest capacity football arena in the US?
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What is the largest arena in the world?

The Philippine Arena in the City of Victory in Bulacan, Philippines. It has 55,000 seat capacity. It is also the most expensive because it cost about US$214 million. The arena is owned by Iglesia ni Cristo.

How many people does US bank stadium hold?

Capacity Basketball: 17,000Ice hockey / Arena Football: 12,823facts were taken from the Wikipedia site.edited by Tom.H.G.Maty

What is the largest arena in college basketball?

The largest actual basketball arena (one specifically built for basketball) in the US, collegiate or professional, is Rupp Arena, where the University of Kentucky basketball team plays, and which has an official seating capacity of 23,500. The Carrier Dome, where the University of Syracuse's football, basketball, and lacrosse teams play, and which has a listed seating capacity of 33,000. The largest NBA arena is the Palace at Auburn Hills, where the Detroit Pistons play, and which has a seating capacity of 22,076.

What are the 3 largest dome arena's in the us?

cowboy superdome carrier

Which sport has the largest revenues in the us?

Football has the largest revenues

What sport has the largest following in the US?

american football

What is largest capacity for baseball stadium in US?

Yankee Stadium at a little over 57000.

What is the largest college basketball arena in the Us?

1. 33,000 - Carrier Dome - Syracuse2. 24,535 - Thompson-Boling Arena - Tennessee3. 23,500 - Rupp Arena - Kentucky4. 22,700 - Marriott Center - BYU5. 22,000 - KFC Yum! Center - Louisville

When was US Bank Arena created?

U.S. Bank Arena was created in 1975.

When was US Cellular Arena created?

U.S. Cellular Arena was created in 1950.

What are national landmarks in the Midwest?

The Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The Shedd Acquarium, also in Chicago is one of the largest in the US. Lambeau Field, in Greebay, Wisconsin is great to see if you're a football fan. It is one of the most historic football stadium's in the US but it was also recently renovated.

What is the biggest sports stadium in the US?

Beaver Stadium is the largest stadium in the U.S.A! Once again a stadium question answered wrong, research your topics people The seating chart of Michigan Stadium is designed to hold 107,501 fans. Throw in the teams, the cheerleaders, and other assorted crew members and you find yourself looking at place where 112,118 fans took their seats to see Michigan take on Ohio State in 2003. That's an NCAA record. The crowd is so large that it threatens to eclipse the total population of Ann Arbor where the stadium is located. this is just for football. the largest stadium in the world and the US is USA Race-use Speedway Indianapolis Speedway seats 250,000 built 1909 all-seater