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their franchise is worth between 25 million and 40 million. but it could be 90 million.

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Q: What is the la lakers franchise worth?
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How many titles have the LA Lakers won in franchise history?


Does magic johnson own a percent of the la lakers franchise?

He does not own an NBA team, although he was a part-owner of the L.A. Lakers for several years.

Where is it possible to buy merchandise for the Jersey Lakers?

The North Jersey Lakers, not to be confused with the LA Lakers, is an Eastern Basketball Allience franchise of Newfoundland, New Jersey. Merchandise can be purchased through the Eastern Basketball Alliance storefront.

Against what franchise do the lakers have the most victories?

the lakers have 15 victories

What is the best franchise in the NBA?


Who is going to win between LA Lakers and phoenix?

LA Lakers

What is the reason for naming the los angeles lakers the lakers?

The original franchise of the Lakers were located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That state is known for many lakes, hence the name the Lakers. That franchise went on to win many championships and produced one of the first big men, in George Mikan.

What is the difference in Minneapolis lakers and los angeles lakers?

The Lakers franchise originated in Minneapolis but they later moved to Los Angeles where they kept the name

What is la lakers mascot?

The LA Lakers don't have an official mascot at this time.

In what year did the Los Angeles Lakers franchise begin?

The Los Angeles Lakers franchise began in 1947. A couple of guys from Minnesota purchased a disbanded team and rebuilt the team into what they are now.

Did the team the Los Angeles Lakers play as a Minnesota team?

yes the La lakers were the Minneapolis lakers before they moved to la

What is the birth name of Charles La Franchise?

Charles La Franchise's birth name is Charles Cyril La Franchise.