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If your asking how the Knight moves, it moves three squares in one move, two squares horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontilly. Forwards or backwards.

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Q: What is the knight do in chess?
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What is the function in knight in chess?

Essentially the Knight in chess will turn the flank of your opponent .

What is the function of knight wolf in chess game?

There is no knight wolf in a standard or "regular" chess game. There is only the knight.

What does the chess knight look like?

a knight in chess looks like a horse head

Can a Knight take a Knight in Chess?

Yes, a Knight can take a Knight.

Is the knight in chess called a horse?

The Knight is formally referred to as a/the Knight .

Can the knight in chess move one space?

No , the Knight must move the spaces required by the rules of chess .

Which chess piece can jump?

Only the Knight can jump in chess.

Can you jump a queen with a knight in chess?

Yes , the knight may jump over the queen just as it can any other chess piece - the knight may jump any chess piece .

Is the horse the knight in chess?


Can you switch a Knight for a queen in chess?


Have Gun Will Travel why a chess knight?

The Knight is the most versatile of chess pieces being capable of movement in 8 directions as well as over other chess pieces . Paladin is also a reference to the virtues of a knight .

Can the knight jump its player In chess?

The knight is the only player that can jump

Can a king be killed by a knight in chess?

Kings can't be killed in chess. It is possible for knight to hold a king in check and contribute to a checkmate.

What does Kt mean in chess terms?

Knight to

Can a knight jump over the king in chess?


What are the other name of horse in chess?

Knight .

Can you wipe out the king and queen at the same time with a knight in chess?

No , the Knight can , as any chess piece , only capture the square upon which it lands .

Can the knight in chess jump over the other players pieces?

Yes , this L-shaped jump is a power that belongs to the Knight chess-piece .

What is a black knight in chess?

A chess piece which can move in an "L" formation that is on the black team.

Can the queen of chess move like the horse in chess?

No. Only the knight can move in that pattern.

Can any person in chess jump over people like a knight?

The knight is the only chess piece that has this ability to "Jump Over" other chessmen .

What board game has a knight pawn and castle?


What is the horse chess piece called?

knight...i think

What letter stands for knight in chess?

the letter is N

In which game would you use a castle and a knight?