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The kick which the goalie uses to move the ball up the field while in play is called a punt.
The kick which the goalie uses to move the ball up the field while out of play is generally a goal kick, however a goalie may sometimes take a free-kick.

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Q: What is the kick the goalie uses to move the ball up the field called?
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When the goalie kicks the ball what is it called?

when the ball goes out and the goalie kicks it its called a goal kick. When the goalie catches it and kicks it its called a punt.

Goal kick in soccer?

You get a goal kick when the other team kicks the ball off the field where your goal is...then you put the ball on one of the corners of the goalie box and the goalie kicks it as hard as they can down the field

Why does the goalie kick in the ball?

When the ball goes out of bounds off the other team, this is called a "Goal Kick" this is when you put the ball on the inside box line, and kick it. Kindof like a free kick. The goalie can kick the ball, but typically, any player on the kicking team can kick it.

Kinds of kicks?

punt, when you the goalie kicks the ball by dropping it and then kicking it with their foot. corner kick, when defence goes to the very edge of the field and kicks the ball to the offense. goalie kick, when the goalie is on the inside corner of the goal box and kicks to the offence.

Could you ever kick the ball to your goalie?

Yes, you can kick the ball to your goalie/goal keeper. However, if you kick your ball into your net, your team will be very mad at you because you will have given the other team a point. If you are kicking to goalie, make sure the goalie can catch the ball in order to kick or throw it far away from your goal.

What is the soccer rules in the book?

The rules of the soccer game or football game are,do not hold the ball and kick because its a handball,when somebody hurts a person,it will be a free kick,do not throw the ball in the net because its a handball and its not a goal,when its a free kick,only four people can only go,it can only one goalie or goalkeeper,give to your enemy's team when you get it out of the soccer field,you must understand the referee and the coach,don't do high kicks when you are the kicker and you are throwing the ball and you will kick the ball because that is a handball,you can do tricks but not all the time,do not punch the ball because its a foul,do not pass to the leader of your team or to somebody when it is goalie ball,do not kick the ball far away to the goalie or goalkeeper when it is out,foul or goalie ball,when you are kicking the ball and you wanted to make a goal,you must go in the football or soccer field,do not make a goal or do not kick the ball far away when your enemy's team is not ready or the goalie or goalkeeper is not ready yet,do not kick or sweep kick your opponent because it is a penalty kick,it is foul and it is a free kick and do not laugh your opponent and they will mad or angry and it is a foul,it is penalty and it is a free kick.

In field hockey what is the goal keepers ball called?

You may be comparing the goalie kick of soccer. The equivalent in field hockey would be the '16-yard hit'; this is not taken by the goalie but by a defender. There are also some major differences; the ball is placed level with the top of the circle, in line with where it went out, and is played the same way as a free hit would be.

If the goalie touches the ball can the team on offense kick it?

Not if the goalie has a hold of the ball with both hands. Otherwise yes.

Which soccer kick sends the ball from one end of the field to the other end?

A goal kick, taken by the goalie, is the most effective method on getting a ball to the other half of the pitch without ending the play.

Is it a foul when a player from team A passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie then kicks it into play?

no, the goalie can kick the ball. He cannot pick it up though.

What are all the penalties in soccer?

pushing,shoving,grabing the ball with your hands,tackle from behind,kick the ball in front of the goalie, and grab the ball if your the goalie is a no no!

Can a goalie pick up the ball from a threw- in?

Yes. The ball is considered "in play" as soon as it enters the field. It is similar to an indirect kick in that a goal cannot be scored by a throw-in, though.

What is a goalie kick?

There is no such thing as a "goalie kick", but you are most likely referring to a goal kick.When: If the ball exits the field across the goal line, was last touched by an attacker, and a goal is not awarded, then the restart is a goal kick.How: The defense takes possession of the ball and places it anywhere in their own goal area. They then get to kick the ball back into play. The ball must leave the penalty area before it is in play. No player may touch it until it has left the penalty area.

May a goalie outside the box kick it into the box then handle the ball?

No that is not aloud and would most likely be called as handball.

Is it a penalty kick if the goalie picks the ball up when her own player passes it to her?

No. It is an indirect free kick.

What is the worst place for a goalie to kick the ball in soccer?

Into their own goal..

What are rules for soccer goalie?

1) the goalie may pick up/touch the ball with his hands only within his box, he then must either throw it or punt it to another player 2) the goalie may move/kick the ball outside of his box, but he cannot touch the ball with his hands 3) a goalie may not pick up a ball kicked to him by one of his own teammates- he must kick it back out to someone else, if he does not, the opposing team will get a penalty kick

What is a goalie kick in soccer?

A goal kick is awarded when an attacking player puts the ball out of play through the goal line (end of the field), but not inside the goal. The goalkeeper places the ball on his 6-yard box line and puts it back into play by kicking it, usually aiming for the area of the field where his team is performing best.

How do you take a goal kick?

A goal kick is taken when a team has kicked the ball over the end line of the opposing team without it going over the goal. At that time, the goalie or defender or somebody who can kick the ball to atleast half field comes and places the ball on the 6 yard box which is the box closest to the goal. After the ball is placed on the 6 yard box, it can be kicked as far as possible up the field, or even passed quickly to the closest defender.

Can goal keeper in football kick ball outside of penalty box?

Yes, the goalie can play as if he/she is just like any other player on the field. The goalie looses his/her ability to touch the ball with their hands if they are outside the penalty box, but they get the same privileges as all the other players. Hope it helps!

What happens when the ball goes out and the goalie touched it last in soccer?

Corner kick.....................

When is a penalty kick used in soccer?

When a foul is committed inside of the 18-yard box, the ref will blow the whistle to signal a foul and that there will be a penalty kick for that reason. EXTRA INFO: A penalty kick is when there is a player and a goalie and the player is going to try to kick the ball in the net. It is pretty much a very fast 1 v. 1 play. The player kicks the ball, if it goes in it is a GOAL. If it doesn't go in, no goal for the team and the goalie will just punt the ball OUT of their side of the field. ;D

If a attacker is taking a shot at the goal how many people is allowed in the goalie box?

Do you mean in a set kick, a pk, or just regular play and he is taking a shot. In a set kick or regular play every player on the field can be in the goalie box. If it is during a pk then only the shooter and the goalie can be in the box at first while all the other players have to be on the outside of the box until the ball is kicked.

Do goalies always throw and kick the ball?

No. There is no rule for how the goalie should kick or throw the ball. It all depends on where it is throwing. Goalies sometimes only throw the ball at their teammates instead of kicking it.

How do you play defense in soccer?

To play defense, you must try to keep the ball away from the goalie. You are also responsible for doing throw-ins. You are not allowed to cross the middle line of the field, or else you are off side. there are also two types of defense people. There is the sweepers', and the stoppers'. The sweepers are to protect the goalie from the ball if the stoppers fail to. The stoppers are supposed to kick the ball to the other side of the Field if they can. If they don't, the sweeper must get it.