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what is the kick off time for the cis cup final 2009?

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Q: What is the kick off time for the cis cup final 2009?
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Who is in the cis final 2009?

rangers and Celtic

When is the 2009 cis cup final?

15th march 2009

When do tickets for cis cup final 2009 go on sale?

obvious troll was obvious

When will the 2009 CIS Cup final air on tv?

Yes it is on bbc Scotland if you are not in Scotland and have sky you can access it it there searc h your channels for bbc Scotland cmon the hoops

Which channel is broadcasting the cis cup final?

i think bbc one

When will CIS cup final tickets be on sale?

23rd February I think

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When is the 2011 CIS cup final to be played?

whenever it suits rangers probably but that aside its usually around the 20th march

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