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That would be Choki style Karate, developed by a contemporary of Gichin Funakoshi, Motobu Choki. Many Japanese familiar with the Choki style, in fact consider it more practical than Shotokan, since its movements are not as expansive, and the Kata emphasize simplicity and efficiency rather than "showy" and "big" motions. It may be of interest to you, that Choki was a street brawler, and he had the same mentality as Bruce Lee; Motobu Choki felt that most Okinawan Karate "did not work on the street" so he developed his own out of his own street brawling experiences. Long before Masatatsu Oyama and his Kyokshin, there was Motobu Choki.

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Q: What is the karate system with the smallest number of movements?
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