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Is going to be on the road for who ever Whats to follow this career

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Q: What is the job outlook on a professional soccer player ten years from now?
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Who is the yungest soccer player?

the youngest professional soccer player is Freddy Adu. He is 19 years old.

How many years does a professional soccer player play?

until they get injured

What is the average age of a professional soccer player?

30 years old

What is the average career length of a professional soccer player?

6 years

What is the average professional soccer player's salary in Australia?

In Australia, the average professional soccer player's salary ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. Salary may vary depending on team and years with the team.

How do you become a professional soccer player at 14 years old?

be extremely good at soccer and get noticed by a college coach

Can you still become a professional soccer player if you are 18 years of age?


You are 23 years old can you become a professional soccer player?

NO...go get a real job!!!

What is the season length for professional soccer player?

They have to be 18 and their career end about when they have 40 years old.

Average career length of a professional soccer player?

A professional who keeps himself in peak condition could have a career of around 20 years.

Can you become professional soccer player when I'm 26 of age?

26 years is a little to late in football, all join when 8 years old.

For which club did Oguchi Onyewu make his professional debut?

U.S. Soccer player Oguchi Onyewu began his professional club career with Metz of Ligue 2 in France in 2002, after two years of college soccer at his university, Clemson.

How old do you have to be to be a soccer player?

Kids can start playing soccer at 3-4 years old, learning the basic skills of kicking, not using hands, and shooting for the goal. You can be any age to be a soccer player. You must be 16 to sign a professional contract, but youth teams start often from 8 years old.

How long has kaka been playing soccer?

The famous soccer player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, known by the nickname 'Kaka', started playing football when he was only eight years old, and he signed his first professional contract with the club Sao Paulo FC at the age of 15, so, If he is 32 years old, he has been playing soccer for 24 years, and at professional level for 17 years.

How many years has Diego costa played professional soccer?

He was initially purchased by Braga team in 2006 (and loaned to Penafiel) so since 2006 he started playing as a professional player

What do pro soccer players do to become pro soccer players?

After years of playing soccer with long hours of intense practice, a player could be scouted during a local team game by a scout from a professional team, you then go to a try out and hopefully get on

How long do professional soccer players last?

soccer players last for around 10-15 years depending on when they started there professional career.

What is the latest retirement age of a professional soccer player?

Strikers retire by the age of 33or 35 but goalkeepers play till they are 40 years old.

How old do you have to be to enter a soccer team?

To be on a professional soccer team you have to be at least 18 years old.

What is the population of soccer in the US?

soccer is very popular throughout the schools in the US but professional soccer is not very often watched...professional women's soccer was so unpopular that it was actually cancelleda few years ago for a while

How many years has Lionel Messi played professional soccer?

nine years

Who is kyle Collins?

Kyle Collins is a professional soccer player. He was born in England. He plays for the Buxton Football Club out of Buxton, Derbyshire. He is 25 years old.

How long has Cristiano played professional soccer?

eight years

Is it possible to NOT play soccer for over 3 years and then get recruited to a professional soccer team?

no you have to train for a long time to get your game on ... :( yes, some people are bourn with a natural talent on the ball, but years of practice are needed to become a true all-around player in football. Also a lot of professional teams look for fitness as well most people just do not have the fitness to play at a professional level.

How many years of schooling to be a soccer player?

depends on wich level you wanna be a soccer player