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the job of a halfback is to defend the goals and pass it up to the forwards so they can score a goal.

do you mean right back the defensive part, if this is right then maybe i could tell u more about it cause I'm a RB , you will need to support the right midfielder from the flanks and you could sometimes cross from the flanks if you have the chance to assist the other player and the same you will need tosupport your centre defense and prevent the opposition attackers to attack from the flanks, that's all,

this is a historical formation since most national teams play 4-4-2 variations or at most 4-3-3 but in England the terms were still used up through the 1960s

in the 1925-era arsenal team a halfback would be a tradtional number 6 or 4, they would play in front of a back line of 3 including a withdrawn center-half who functions as a stopper. ultimately, it is a four-man midfield, sort of square-shaped, with the two halfbacks as mentioned and at least one if not two withdrawn or deep inside forwards (traditional number 10 or 8). the attack consisted of a center forward and two wingers or wing halves. so you're looking at 3-3-4 or a 3-2-2-3 if both inside forwards are withdrawn.

so, to answer you question, (finally!) the halfback would of course like all players now and then in the middle third of the pitch, link the defense and attack--full of running and passing. defending wise, this era does a lot of man-marking so i would say it would depend on the opposition. but since most other teams either played 3-3-4 or 2-3-5 the halfback would not pick up the winger except in certain parts of the pitch but most likely they would mark the other team's inside forwards.

the old "halfback" is now part of a ususally 4-man midfield, frequently diamond-shaped (France 98), with hardly any wide players of kind before the 66 world cup.


  • In attack, often drops back deep to receive pass from defenders and begin an attack. Drops back a little to act as a defensive insurance allowing the full backs to attack further up the pitch.
  • In defense, breaks down the opposition's play and limits the impact of the opponent's playmaker
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Q: What is the job of a halfback in Football commonly known as holding midfielder?
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What is a holding mid?

AnswerA holding midfielder is also called a defensive midfielder. They typically play just in front of the defense. Their main job is to win the ball back from the opposing team, to maintain possession in the midfield, and to complete passes. Holding midfielders join the attack less often than an attacking midfielder.

Who wears number 4 in soccer?

Well its usually the holding midfielder

What is meant by a holding midfielder in soccer?

A holding midfielder is a player who plays in between the defenders and main midfielders. Their main job is to break up the oppositions play and stop them advancing into the final third of the field. Some of the most famous holding midfield players include Claude Makelele, Javier Mascherano and Nigel de Jong.

What is a holding midfielder?

A holding midfielder is someone who sits behind the centre midfield, whose main job is to stay in front of his backline to protect them. He usually allows the more creative players to express themselves without having to worry about defending. They must usually be good at tackling,have determination and be brave

What is 1 rule in football?

NO holding. your lucky my bf is in football

What sport words begin with H?

Hacker, handicap, hazard, hole in one, and hook are golf terms. Hail Mary, halfback, hand-off, hard count, hash marks, hike, holding, horse-collar, huddle and hurry-up offense are football terms.

What does holding in football mean?

Holding means doing an illegal block to the offensive side

What is holding in basketball?

holding in basketball is like the same thing in football holding by the shirt or shoes its not illegal but it will be a tech foul

What are 2 penalties in football?

Holding and False Start

How many yards are accessed for an holding penalty in football?


What is a holding penalty in football?

Illegally grasping or pulling an opponent other than the ball carrier while attempting to ward off a block or cover a receiver. One of the most commonly called penalties. If a penalty for holding that occurred in the offense's endzone is accepted, a safety results.

How manny positions in soccer?

There are four main positions in the game of soccer: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Attacker. These can be further broken down into specific positions. For example a defender could take position as a Central defender, a fullback, or a wingback. A midfielder could be classified as a winger, if he plays out wide, an attacking midfielder, a holding midfielder etc. An attacker sould also play out wide, could play a poaching role as an out and out striker, or even be given a free role, to play across the whole pitch.

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