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Left defence is not not a position in soccer. There are left full backs, left backs, left wing backs, left centre backs. And their job is to defend lol though some teams like their left/right backs (and wing backs) to run down the wings and get crosses in to the strikers so wing backs have to be fast ideally for that role

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Q: What is the job left defense in soccer?
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What does the position defense in soccer do?

Defense or a defender helps the goalie put incase the goalie can not get the ball.the defense posistion in soccer is supposed to keep the other team from scoring. when the defense gets the ball, their job is to get it up to the offense

What are the main soccer positions?

Right forward (wing), left forward (wing), center, midfielder, mildfield stopper, right defense, left defense, center defense, and goalie.

What is soccer all about?

left foward, center foward, right foward, left mid feild, center mid feild, right mid feild, stopper, sweeper, left defense, right defense and finally the goalie

List the different positiions on a soccer team?

there are goalie, right defense, left defense, center defense, right mid-field, left mid-field, center mid-field, far-right forward, right forward, center forward, left forward and far-left forward

What is the job of defense?

The defense's job is to defend there client by pocking holes in the prosecution's case.

What does the sweaper position in soccer do?

It is called a sweeper. They play behind the defense. They are the last line of defense.

What do you need be soccer player?

Soccer is like a job and soccer is goal of your life.

What are the positions on a soccer team?

Defense: Central Defenders//Sweepers Left/Right Fullbacks Stopper Midfield: Central Midfielders (sometimes one is attacking and the other is defending) Wingers Left/Right Midfield Attack: Forwards

Who has the best defense in soccer by country?

Italy are the best defenders

What do you call the players in soccer that are actually playing not defense?


How do you write a sentence using defense?

The defense attorney will explain why his client is innocent. Do you prefer to play offense or defense on the soccer team? Afraid for her safety, she enrolled in a self defense class.

What position is locateed between the offense and defense in soccer?

That would be the midfield.