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Middle Linebackers are usually positioned behind defensive tackles and/or in-between the defensive linemen and the defensive backs (Cornerback, Strong Safety, Weak Safety.}
Middle Linebacker

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Q: What is the job for the MLB position in football?
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What is the MLB position in football?

This is the Middle Linebacker position

What is the football position MLM?

There is no such thing in Professional Football. There is MLB, which is Middle Linebacker ..or possibly Middle Lineman?

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What means MLB mean in football?

Middle Linebacker

What position did Tom Brady play in the MLB?


If you call an audible in football what position are you playing?

On offense usually the QB will call the audible. On defense i guess anyone could,,,but if I was a coach I would pick my MLB to call them

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the position s is the safety

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G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

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