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For the 2010-2011 season, which was last year, his number was 24. This season (2011-2012) his number is 6.

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His jersey no was 5.

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It 6 .

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Q: What is the jersey number of Sami Khedira in Real Madrid?
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Who owns number 6 on Real Madrid?

Sami Khedira own 6 no jersey in Real Madrid.

What number is khedira for real Madrid?

The number of Khedira playing for Real Madrid is 44

Who wears number 8 for real Madrid?

The number 10 jersey worn in Real Madrid today is Ronaldo.

Who wears jersey 6 in real Madrid?

Khedira - German defending central midfielder

Where has khedira played before coming to real Madrid?

It was Stuttgart.

For what club does Sami Khedira play?

As of June 2014, Sami Khedira plays for Real Madrid, a club in Spain.

Where has Sami Khedira played before coming to Real Madrid?

It was Stuttgart.

Who are the muslims playing for real madrid?

Mesut Özil and Sami Khedira.

Which football club did Khedira play for before Real Madrid?

kaka played with ac Milan before he played with real Madrid

What number is Kaka' for Real Madrid?

Kaka has a new jersey at Real Madrid with the number being 8.

Who wore the no 23 jersey for Real Madrid?

David Beckham and before him it was Pedro Munitis who wore the jersey number 23 at Real Madrid.

What was Alfredo di Stefano's shirt number at Real Madrid?

Zidane wore jersey number 5 at real Madrid.