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NFL teams don't have a home or road uniform

they have a color and a white uniform

most teams wear their color uniform at home, thus

you will see most road team wearing white on the road.

The Dallas Cowboys always wear white at home thus

the road team is force to wear their color uniform.

so even though Green Bay wears color at home

you will see them wearing the color uniform on the road

when they play the cowboys

Some teams (jets,dolphins,redskins) wear white

at home in the warm months (sept. Oct.) and color

or alternate for the rest of the season.

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Being the designated home team, the Packers will wear their green jerseys to Super Bowl XLV.

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The Green Bay Packers will be wearing their white jerseys and the Pittsburgh Steelers their black jerseys.

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Q: What is the jersey color of the Green Bay Packers on the road?
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What color jersey do the Green Bay Packers wear at home?

Customarily, the home team wears a white jersey, however there are no official rules, the opposing teams cannot be wearing similar color kits though.

What color jersey did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers wore their road white jerseys in Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers were the home team and they chose to wear their green jerseys.

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What color is the eagles home helmet?

They wear a green shirt with a white number, and white pants.

What color uniforms will Packers wear in Super Bowl?

Well, in this years Super Bowl, the NFC team is the home team. That would mean that the Packers would likely wear their green jerseys. However, they could chose to wear their white ones, to continue their luck of winning on the road.

What color jerseys are the packers wearing in super bowl 45?

They should be wearing the home green jerseys - they are technically the home team in this Super Bowl and have the jersey selection. However, since they have won wearing the white road jerseys for 3 straight games, they may select the white to keep the vibe (the Steelers did this years ago when they won 3 straight road games in the white jerseys and selected white in the Super Bowl vs. Seattle).

What NFL teams have been playoffs road favorites?

2011 New York Giants, 2010 Green Bay Packers, 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers

Which team holds the record for the most consecutive road games won?

The 1988-1990 San Francisco 49ers hold the record for the consecutive road game victories. They won 18 road games in a row.

Is it Packers vs Steelers or Steelers vs Packers?

Steelers vs Packers, because the Steelers are the road team. They will be wearing their white jerseys.

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