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line of scrimmage

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Q: What is the invisible line called that the ball is placed on after every play?
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Who selects the position of the football on a point after attempt?

There is a line 3 yards off the goal line in the middle of the field where it is placed. The ball is in the same spot every time. Like every play the ball is spotted by the ref's.

Where is the ball placed when kicking a PAT in American football?

The ball is placed on the 2 yard line when kicking a PAT

Where golf ball is placed?

its a tee

Where is the ball placed on the ball is kicked out of bounds on kickoff?

on the fourth corner.

What happens to a ball when it is placed in a liquid that is denser than the ball?

It floats.

Can a player retrieve his own air ball without travelling being called?

no, it will be called almost every time.

What is first touching rule in football after punting the ball?

The ball is placed at the point of the fartherest advance of the ball when the ball was declared dead. As an exmple if a player touches his knee down the ball will be placed where the fartherest point of the ball was when the knee touched down. This may or may not be where his knee touched down. The ball will be placed perpendicular to the line of scrimmge with the fartherest point of the ball at the point where the player had the ball when it was declared dead.

What is the different between fair and foul in softball?

There are lines placed to divide the foul territory and the fair territory. Any ball that lands on the foul territory will be called foul. When the ball enters the fair territory, ball is at play.

What is the reason for hash marks?

In football, the ball is placed on the field after a play where the players movement has stopped. Although, if the player steps out of bounds, the ball is placed towards the center of the field to the nearest hash mark. If not, the ball would be placed at the sidelines.

If the returner of a kickoff touches the ball on the 1 yard line then bobbles the ball and it goes into and out of the endzone who's ball is it and where is it placed?

It is a fumble when the ball is bobbled and a touchback when it goes out of the endzone. It is placed on the twenty yard line.

Where is the ball placed after a touch down?

In high school and college, the ball is placed at the 3-yard line for the try (i.e., the PAT or conversion). In the NFL, it is placed at the 2-yard line.

Where is the football placed on tackles?

The ball is placed where the ball actually is (assuming the player still has "possession") when the player is down by contact or when the knee hits the ground.