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The medals are commemorations of their achievements in the event. There is no practical purpose other than to celebrate them, and keep track of who came first.

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Q: What is the importance of the medals the soldiers wear?
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On which side do Canadian soldiers wear their medals?

On the left side of the chest.

How many medals are there for soldiers?


How do you wear the Marine corps medals?

It depends what uniform they're wearing, but generally, one right after the other in order of importance. (There are many manuals and pictures out there that show what goes where.)

What is the correct listing in importance of military awards?

Each military branch will be slightly different; the US Army alone has over 60 medals (we always wear the ribbons in place of the medals-more practical/most veterans place the medals themselves in a display case). See AR 670-2 (Army Regulations) and/or go to: US Military Ribbon/Medal Order of Display and Wear.

May you wear medals on civilian dress?

Veterans may wear their medals on civilian clothes. The link below gives you information.

Can you wear your medals on regular clothing?


What are facts about soldiers in war?

Martin Conroy was an important soldier that had lots of medals

What shoes do soldiers wear?

i think they wear boots

When the narrator of 'In Another Country' describes the three Italian soldiers with medals as hunting hawks he means that unlike him they?

have the qualities required of soldiers

What side should you wear a poppy on in the UK?

left, on your watch hand. The correct way actually is left hand side for men, as this is wear they would wear their medals, and right hand side for women as this is where they would wear their husbands medals if he died!

What fruit did early greek Olympians wear as medals?


On what side of the jacket are civilians to wear military medals in memory of loved ones?

You should wear them on the right side. The original recipients wear them on the left side, so family are supposed to wear them on the right side when they do in order to distinguish them from the service men and women. Be aware that some people feel it is inappropriate for anyone except the service person to wear the medals.