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social and physical activity.

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There are various importance of sport if life.

1. Health and Fitness; With sports, it shapes your overall physical and mental fitness, there is some outdoor fun in which your mind can settle down and and fully enjoy the fun of moving around outdoors and sweating yourself out fully. It also serves as a platform so that you will not get depressed as there is something you can indulge with.

2. Forging team spirit and new friendships; You usually play sports with communities, friends or your own teammate, overtime, you learn to trust each and depend on each other for assistance to achieve goals needed in sports. The achievements also indirectly forge new team spirit within yourself and your sports mates when you start celebrating the win or console each other with the defeat. Still with every win or lose, the friendship strengthen as you understood how much it is when you have people surrounding you and whom have the same goal as you.

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Q: What is the importance of sport in life?
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