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Q: What is the home teams record on monday night football?
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What is the Bears all time record on Monday Night Football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Bears MNF record was 18-32. Click on the 'MNF All Time Records' link on this page to see the all time records of all teams on Monday Night Football.

What two nfl football teams played in Monday night football on September 21st 2009?

The two NFL football teams played in Monday night football on September 21st 2009 was Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets.

Does ESPN decide what teams will play monday night football by how good they are?


How many NFL teams has Brett Favre lost to?

After the 10/05/2009 Monday Night Football Game, Brett Favre became the first QB to record wins against all 32 teams in the NFL.

What team has been on Monday night football the least?

As of the 2008 season, the Houston Texans have never played a game on Monday Night Football. The Carolina Panthers have the second fewest appearances with 6. Of the teams that were in the NFL when Monday Night Football began (1970), the Arizona Cardinals have the fewest appearances with 18.

What teams played in the First Monday Night Football Game?

Jets and Browns September 21st, 1970 in Cleveland

Who has the most wins on Monday Night Football since 1970 and how many wins do they have?

AnswerI think it's the Oakland Raiders. The Steelers and Cowboys both have pretty good records on monday Night as well.AnswerpittsburghIt's the Cowboys. They have the most mnf wins, also the most mnf games played, so, go figure.

What is the south Carolina gamecocks football teams all-time record in football?

The South Carolina Gamecocks football teams all-time record in football is 576-547-44 (win, losses, and ties).

What is Michigan football record versus PAC 10 teams?

There record is 16-13 over Pac 10 teams.

What percentage of NFL teams win after a Monday Night Game?

32 percwnt

What is Alabama's football record against Big Ten teams?

They are 5-3 against Big Ten teams.

What are the opportunities for advancement in football?

•If you win you have a better record and play more teams.