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A hockey puck

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Q: What is the hockey thing you hit called?
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What is the scoring called for hokey?

Scoring for hockey occurs when the hockey puck is hit into the net. When that happens, the team that hit it in gets a point that is called a goal.

What is the object hit by the ice hockey called?


What is the object hit by players in ice hockey called?


What is the object hit by the players in ice hockey called?


How was hockey formed?

someone found a curved stick in their backyard and then when they hit a rock they thought it was cool and called it hockey

Check mean in hockey?

to run/hit them when they have the puck it is a good hit if they don't you'll get called for a late hit or interference.

What is it called when a player is hit by a stick in an ice hockey game?


What is a stick tackle in hockey?

there is no such thing in hockey called a stick tackle. if you tackle some one with your stick in hockey you are most likely to be getting a penalty if the referee saw it.

What is the object being hit in a game of ice hockey called?

A puck.

Does ice hockey hit a ball?

No, in ice hockey the object is a flat, hard rubber disk called a puck that skims along the ice or can become airborne, depending on how it is hit.

What is the NHL specific rule for scoring a hit in hockey?

you don't score a hit in hockey

How do you score a hit in NHL hockey?

A hockey player is credited with a hit when he successfully utilizes a hit to separate an opposing player from the puck.

What is the difference between roller hockey inline hockey and skater hockey?

roller incline hockey is called street hockey.stake hockey is called ice hockey

What is the start of hockey game called?

It used to be a bully, but now it's just a hit by the team that won the toss (and chose ball over end). In ice, roller and street hockey it is called a face off.

Which is better kevlar or ceramic field hockey stick?

Nobody makes ceramic hockey sticks (and I would wonder why if they did - ceramic is not the best thing to hit other stuff with), so kevlar/carbon fibre is the only answer.

What is a sideline hit in hockey?

Scoop hit

What do hockey players use to hit the puck?

A Hockey stick

What are the things you hit the puck with in air hockey?

Hockey puck

What is the object hit by the players in ice hockey?

A hockey puck

How does a hockey helmet protect your body from impact of forces?

because if the hockey puck hit you won't get hit . and your welcome

What is ringette?

it is the hardest ice sport IN THE WORLD that is a good thing because if it were easy it would be called hockey

Is ice hockey safe?

Hockey is deadly, you have 6 guys trying to hit you. But hockey is the best.

What should you do if you get hit in the balls with a hockey stick?

The same thing you do if you get hit with anything else. For most of us, that would be either scream and fall over clutching the groin or stumble to the nearest doctor.

Can you throw a hockey puck in the goal to score?

no you cant that's not allowed in hockey you have to hit it in with the hockey stick

What is a try in hockey?

There is no such thing as a try in hockey. You have the wrong sport.