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they didnt win anything

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Q: What is the history of the Olympics in Germany?
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Related questions

How is Germany and Hitler connected to the Olympics?

Germany hosted the Olympics in 1936 when Hitler was the leader of Germany.

Did Germany host a Olympics?

Yes, Germany hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics at Berlin.

Why Germany not competing Olympics?

Germany is in the 2012 Olympics. They have about 300-500 athletes on their team.

Does Germany play in the winter Olympics?

Yes, Germany is one of the many countries competing in the winter Olympics.

Where was the Olympics held in 1936?

The 1936 Summer Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany. The 1936 Winter Olympics were held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

How many medals did Germany win in 2012 Olympics?

Germany won a total of 44 medals in 2012 Olympics

What was the biggest terrorist attack at the Olympics?

It was the summer Olympics in Munich Germany in 1972. A terrorist group took hostage and killed the Israeli athletic team. I was living in Germany at the time and watch it take place alive on TV. It was a major event in Olympic history and things are done today because of this event.

When did Germany first compete in the Olympics?

At the first Olympics in 1896.

Can someone tell me why Germany didn't qualify for the 2012 London Olympics?

Germany will takes part at the Summer Olympics London2012

Why were the 1972 summer Olympics held in Germany?

The reason the Olympics were held in Germany was because the Olympic Commity wants to let each country have a chance to hold the Olympics. By the way i think that the Olympics were held in Munich, Germany in the early 2000's. Dock

Who won the 1936 Olympics?

Germany won the 1936 Summer Olympics.

How many athletes did Germany send to the 1948 Olympics?

Zero. The International Olympic Committee did not allow Germany to compete in the 1948 Olympics.

Have the Olympics ever been in Germany?

Yes. The summer Olympics in 1936 and 1972 and the winter Olympics in 1936

How many times has Germany took part in the Olympics?

2 in the summer Olympics and 2 in the winter Olympics

What history does the Olympics have?

the olympics are for losers i think monkeys should take over the olympics

When was alpine skiing first in the Olympics?

Germany's 1936 Olympics that is when it first started

Site of the 1972 Olympics?

1972 Summer Olympics were in Munich, Germany. 1972 Winter Olympics were in Sapporo, Japan.

Where was the 1974 winter Olympics held?

there were no Olympics held in 1974 The summer Olympics were held in Munich Germany

What is Germany's history?

When was History - Germany - created?

History - Germany - was created in 2004.

What is Germany competing in at the Olympics?


Are Germany good at Olympics?


Where was the Olympics in 1936?

Berlin, Germany.

When did Germany participate in the Olympics?

in 1339

At which Olympics where 11 israeli athletes killed?

they were killed at the munich Olympics in Germany in 1972