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Q: What is the history of results for Sharks vs Stormers in the Super 14 rugby competition?
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What is the organism interaction between Tiger Sharks and Loggerhead Turtles?

A competition

What is an example of interspecific competition in the ocean?

Octopi have to compete with humans and some sharks for lobster

What are some cooperation and competition among ocean animals?

Cooperation and competition among ocean animals is very common. One example of competition is two sharks fighting for the same fish.

Which coach had the most wins in San Jose Sharks' history?

Ron Wilson is the coach who had the most wins in San Jose Sharks' history this year.

What is an example of competition in marine biomes?

whales looking for space to live and sharks looking for food

What does a great white sharks eggs look like?

great white sharks are live bearers not egg layers. this gives them the edge in the competition for food when they are youngsters

Where is the sharks rugby team from?

Sales Near Manchester and in the Southern Hemisphere's Super 14 competition the Sharks is the name of the team from Natal in South Africa who are based in Durban.

What has the author Thomas H Lineaweaver written?

Thomas H. Lineaweaver has written: 'The natural history of sharks' -- subject(s): Sharks

Who scored the first goal in San Jose Sharks history?

Shawn cronin... first goal in playoff history at least

How can you meet Francois Steyn?

Win a competition maybe? Or possibly try and catch him as he leaves the stadium after a match. Or if they have a sharks day? or a springboks signing

Who is the best fighter in San Jose Sharks history?

i would say that Scott Parker is the best fighter

Can you name 8 types of sharks?

megalodon sharks, great white sharks, frilled sharks, thresher sharks, tiger sharks, sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, basking sharks, lepord sharks,black tip sharks. there is 12.

Can sharks tell when you have your period?

Yes, because sharks can smell blood vey well. If you are swimming in an area with a history of frequent shark attacks, it is best to not go swimming while you have your period.

What is a good history project?

in 8th grade i did the history of sharks and won the state wide contest. i got a $1000 savings bond and it helped me get through college.

What is the biggest rugby club in the world?

in terms of reputation, Wigan Warriors. Wigan Warriors bull (wont allow me to say sh%t) , what about: Leicester Tigers (UK) Saracens (UK) Stormers (SA) Blue Bulls (SA Crusader (NZ) Perpignan (FRA) Sharks (SA) Toulous (FRA) and so many more!

What sharks are there in Curacao?

Nurse Sharks, Lemon sharks and Hammerhead Sharks

What are baby sharks?

baby sharks are called pupsbaby sharks are baby sharks

What has the author Tina Anton written?

Tina Anton has written: 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Sharks 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks (Real Reading)'

Is there sharks at long beach California?

No reported sightings inside the breakwater, no recorded attacks in history. The water is too murky, the sea lions are huge, and sharks are probably afraid of all the gangbangers in the water.

Do sharks eat starfish?

There are three species of sharks known to eat starfish. These sharks are the Nurse sharks, Horn sharks and Port Jackson sharks.

Why do sharks have eyelids?

Sharks have eyelids so female sharks can wink at male sharks.

What sharks have a urinary tract?

Mako sharks, thresher sharks and Great white sharks

What sharks are in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic includes Hammerhead sharks, Great White sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.

What is the longest losing streak in NHL history?

Washington Capitals and San Jose sharks both with 17 straight losses

Why do people hate sharks?

simply put, its because sharks have a history of attacking people\they only attack people because they have no hands of feeling things, so they use there mouth, and they have sharp teeth. Lets leave it at that.