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Q: What is the history of Mississippi Judge Sebe Dale Jr?
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Judge Sebe Dale of the Mack Charles Parker case is this the same Sebe Dale jr who is now a tenth district chancery court judge?

Sebe Dale, Jr. (current chancellor) is the son of Sebe Dale, Sr., who was the circuit judge who presided over the Mack Charles Parker case. This page: states that as of the year 2000, Sebe Dale Jr. had been a chancery judge for over 20 years. The Mack Charles Parker case was in 1959 and was a circuit court case. Sebe Dale Jr. is probably the son of the judge who presided over the '59 case. If Sebe Dale Jr. had been a judge in 1959, he would have been a judge for over 40 years when he was given the award that is referenced in the article above. The article says that Sebe Dale Jr. had been a judge for over 20 years, not 40.

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