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Olympic was a sports store in Detroit which supplied the jerseys before Gunzo's opened. They also supplied the Red Wings

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Q: What is the history behind Blackhawks jersey with an Olympic brand label?
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What does the A on Blackhawks jersey stand for?

Alternate or Assistant captain.

Was there ever a gray Indian head on the Chicago Blackhawks jersey?


Does the Chicago Blackhawks Indian head on the jersey have a name?

The Indian Head.

Where can you buy evgeni malkins olympic jersey?

You can buy an Evgeni Malkins Olympic jersey in a sports store.

Is olio's sports in the US?

I just ordered a Chicago Blackhawks jersey from them & it was shipped from Singapore & is obviously a fake.

What are the Olympic jersey letters?


How old is the Chicago Blackhawks jersey?

There are Chicago Blackhawks jerseys in existence dating back to at least 1922, with many design changes over the years. One would have to see an image of the specific jersey in question in order to match it to the design for a year in which it was used, which is the only way to determine its age.

Why are the Chicago blackhawk jerseys red?

The jerseys are red because that is the main color of the Chicago Blackhawks jersey, and that is how it worked into the color scheme.

List of New Jersey farmland and history?

list of new jersey farmlands and history

What is the basic price for an official Chicago Blackhawks jersey?

The typical price is $124.99, although one could obtain a used jersey through the use of thrift shops and websites like eBay. Sports apparel retail stores such as Modell's or Dick's may also sell jerseys at a discounted price. It is less likely to find a Chicago Blackhawks jersey outside of the Chicago area, but they may be available online.

Where can I find Chicago Blackhawks jerseys?

You can buy any Jerseys at the mall. It all depends on how much you want to spend on this specific jersey. Some sports team have a specific store and sell only that jersey.

Why a WWW on Chicago Blackhawk Jersey?

The WWW patch on the Blackhawks' jersey represents the initials of William Wadsworth Wirtz, the team's owner who passed away on September 27, 2007, prior to the start of the 2007-08 season