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41 inches by Ryan brown

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Who has the highest vertical in the NBA?

The highest vertical jump ever was Michael Jordan. Known as MJ.

Can humans jump higher than horses?

The answer is yes. Highest recorded vertical jump for a human being is 2.54 cm, while highest jump recorded by a horse is 2.47 cm. That is amazing!

What was the highest a bunny ever jumped?

The highest recorded rabbit jump is one meter. The longest recorded jump is three meters.

What is the highest vertical jump ever recorded in the world?

idk but Adrian Wilson of the Arizona cardinals did a vertical of 66 inches... i believe one guy in 1988 of the Olympics did jump 256 cm though..from the 1989 guiness book of world records.

Who has the highest vertical jump?

Kadour Ziani

Who has the highest vertical jump in the NBA?

Shannon Brown?

What is the highest vertical jump plus arm reach?

The record for the highest standing vertical jump is held by Gerald Sensabaugh. His jump was 46 inches at the NFL Combine. The longest recorded armspan is held by basketball player, Manute Bol, with a span of 8 feet 6 inches. He has a reach of 10 feet 5 inches.

What dogs can jump high?

Poodles naturally have the highest vertical.

What player has the highest vertical jump in NBA?

lebron James

Who has the highest jump on a dirt bike?

i do. 7235 vertical feet

Highest vertical jump?

61 inches held by kadour ziani

What is the highest vertical jump?

61 inches held by Kadour Ziani

What is the record for highest vertical jump by a female?

I think it was Kelly Brook.

What is the highest recorded jump from a camel?

about 25 Metres.

What is Blake Griffin's vertical?

According to NBA Scout reports, Blake Griffin has recorded a 37 inch vertical jump.

What is Michael jordan's vertical jump?

Michael Jordan's vertical jump is recorded around 48". It is also estimated that his hang time, or time spent in the air, is about 0.98 seconds.

What is the highest jump ever by a miniature horse?


What is a vertical jump in volleyball?

A vertical jump is when you jump straight up in the air

What NBA player holds the record for the highest vertical jump?

Casen Baker 54 inches

How do you measure a vertical jump?

There are a variety of ways to measure your vertical jump but they all use the same "formula."Your highest reach subtracted by, your highest touch, equals your vertical jump.So you need to know your standing reach, and have a method for marking your highest touch.A Vertec is a commonly used apparatus that allows you to do both (see link for photo).Electronic pads also measure vertical jump but do so by measuring time in the air, which is subject to error if knees are bent.The best way to measure your vertical is by knowing your reach and measuring your highest touch.Your jumping ability can change from day to day, so it is best to measure often to get an accurate reading.

What is the highest score ever in Doodle Jump?

The highest I've seen is 16 million

Who has the highest vertical jump for quarterbacks?

When Tebow did his in 2010 they said he either broke or tied the record for Quarterbacks.

What is the highest vertical jump in the world?

== == On 19 July 1988, at a performance in The Hague, the Chinese acrobat Yan Zhi Cheng jumped (without trampoline or any assistance) through a hoop of which the lowest point was measured at 246 cm. He used two legs to set off, so his jump isn't the official world record. However, it is the highest human jump ever recorded. Source: Guinness Book of Records 1989. See the related link below for more detail.

Highest female vertical leap?

With no official recordings of vertical leap, the highest in the WNBA is thought to be that of Deanna Nolan with an estimated average jump height of 34 inches. In track and field, the world record for the high jump is held by Bulgaria's Stefka Kostadinova at 2.09 meters.

How high does an average frog jump?

frogs can jump 2 meters or more. The highest recorded frog jump was 7 meters!10 feet