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ewan ko, hindi ko alam



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Q: What is the highest test score by an Australian cricketer?
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Which Australian cricketer score his first TEST century in his last test?

Jason Gillespie

Which Australian holds the highest test score at the wanderers south Africa?

Greg Blewitt got a score of 214 at the Wanderers, which is the highest score there by an Australian

Who holds the highest individual test score by an Australian at the wanderers?

Greg Blewitt with 214

What NZ cricketer has the highest individual test score?

Martin Crowe is the highest individual test scorer for New Zealand. He scored 299 runs against Sri Lanka in 1990-1991.

Who is Ashton Agar?

Ashton Agar is an Australian cricketer who has played Test cricket for Australia since July 2013. When he made his Test debut in July, he became the youngest Australian in 85 years to make his Test debut in an Ashes series. He scored 98 runs on his test debut from 11th in the order, becoming the first number 11 batsman to score a half century on his debut, the highest Test scorer from 11th in the order, and half of the highest Test partnership for the tenth wicket.

Who was Australian Test cricketer of the year in 2010?

Shane Watson

What Australian cricketer came out of retirement in 1977 to captain the Australian test team?

Garth McKenzie

Who is the first cricketer to score a century in test cricket?

Charles bannerman

Which cricketer has played highest test matches?

Sachin Tendulkar

What is the highest in test cricket?

The highest score in test cricket in an innings is made by Brian Lara(400 runs)

Who is the second cricketer to score more than 13000 test runs?


What is Ricky Ponting's highest score in a test match?

Ricky Ponting's highest score in test match is 257.