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Q: What is the highest sum total of seed to ever make it to the final four?
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Has Missouri ever been to a final four?

no they haven't ever

Who is the highest seeded team to make it to the Final Four and also Final Two?


Has Hawaii ever been to the final four?


Which Final Four team had the highest seed?

No.1 seed

When has Butler ever been in the final four before?

Butler's first appearance in the Final Four was in 2010.

What is highest seed to make it in final four for March Madness?


Did Auburn university ever been to the final four?


Has Purdue University ever made it to the Final Four?

Yes. Purdue made the Final Four in 1969 and 1980.

Has St. Louis ever host the final four?

St. Louis hosted the Final Four in 1973, 1978 and 2005.

What is is the highest number of leaves ever found on a four leaf clover?

Four leaves

Did a 7 seed ever make the final four?


How many appearances has UNC had in the final 4?

18 total final four appearances.

When did the 8 seed make it to the final four?

In 1985 Villanova won a national championship as an 8 seed beating Georgetown the highest seed ever to win a national championship

Has Michigan state ever won a final four championship?

Yes, in 1979 and 2000.

Has BYU ever made it to the final four?

Unfortunately, no. They have been to the Elite Eight however.

What is the farthest GA has ever made it in the NCAA tournament?

Georgia made it to the Final Four in 1983.

Was there ever a number eleven seed in the final four?

George Mason 2006 LSU 1986

Has the NCAA tourney ever had a final four without a?

Yes. The first time it happened was in 1980.

Have all final 4 teams ever been from same conference?

No. All final four teams have been from different conferences, but not all 4.

Has any college basketball team ever gone unbeaten all the to final four?

ucla and Indiana

Was there ever a final four with no number 1 ranked team?

Yes this year you sonsabitches 2009-1o

Has the Alabama basketball team ever been in the Final Four?

No. Their best showing was the Elite 8 in 2004.

Was the final four game ever played on Sunday?

football Manchester united 7-1 burnly

Highest total score ever for the four-day Masters tournament?

1954 Sam Snead 1956 Jack Burke JR 2007 Zach Johnson all finished on a tournament high of +1.

Who are the final four?

The "Final Four" are the four teams that win the regional championships in the NCAA basketball tournament, thus becoming the final four teams in the tournament.