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The highest scoring Playoff game of all time was the Packers vs. the Cardinals. The Cardinals scored 51 and the Packers scored 45.

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Q: What is the highest single game point total for an NFL team in a playoff game?
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What is the highest combined point total in an NFL playoff game?

96 points -- 01/10/2010 Arizona Cardinals 51 - Green Bay Packers 45 (in OT)

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Jerry Rice's highest reception total in a single season was 122 in the 1995 season for the San Francisco 49ers.

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Highest total yards by two teams in the NFL?

I believe today Jan 10, 2010 Arizona vs Green Bay had to be the highest scoring game in playoff history and the most yard 1024 total net yards

Which team scored the lowest point total in a NBA playoff game?

Utah scored 54 at Chicago, June 7, 1998

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What is the highest total points scored in an NFL playoff game?

96 points -- 01/10/2010 Arizona Cardinals 51 - Green Bay Packers 45 (in OT) in Glendale, AZ

What is the highest points scored in a NFL playoff game?

Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers 01/10/2009 96 points total Arizona 51 Packers 45

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