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UNLV over Utah State, 142-140 in triple overtime, on January 2, 1985. The highest amount of total points scored between two teams.

Loyola Marymount defeated the University of Michigan 149-115 in regulation in the second round of the 1990 NCAA tournament. 149 points is the most points scored by one team ever. Leading scorers were Jeff Fryer (41) and Bo Kimble (37) for LMU.

The same season LMU beat Michigan 149-115, they beat San Francisco 157-115. Leading scorers were Bo Kimble with 50 and Hank Gathers with with 30. Jeff Fryer had 23 points that game. In January of 1989 LMU beat US International 181-150. Hank Gathers scored 41 points and had 29 rebounds. In January of 1991 LMU beat US International 186-140. Kevin Bradshaw score 72 points for the losing team.

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Q: What is the highest scoring Division One college basketball game and who were the top scorers?
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