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a ten

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Q: What is the highest score you can get in Gymnastics?
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What was Shawn Johnson's highest score ever in gymnastics?

a 10.00

Gymnastics high scores?

Depending on what level you are competting in determines the highest possible scores. For all levels in womans gymnastics except Elite the highest score is 10.0 For Elites there is no highest score you get "bonuses" for skills. A high score for Elite is 14.0-16.0 depending on the meet.

What is the world record for gymnastics artistic?

A perfect 10 is the highest score ever achieved

How is the winner decided in gymnastics?

The person who gets the highest score (usually out of 10) wins.

What is the highest score possible for gymnastics championship?

10.0 for women, i don't know about men though.

Why are the highest and lowest judges scores disregarded in tallying the total score in a gymnastics competetion?

The highest and lowest scores in a gymnastics competition are thrown out so that the average scores are what is counted across the board. This both helps and harms the gymnast if they have an extreme score either way.

How do you score a goal in gymnastics?

in gymnastics you don't "score goals" you compete and receive points.

How do you win a match in gymnastics?

you get a score on eachg of the 4 events then at the end they add them all up and who ever has the highest number wins

How does gymnastics score?

with numbers. dopppppppp!!!!!!!!

What is the perfect score in gymnastic?

A perfect score in gymnastics would be a ten.

In what sport is a perfect score 10?


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