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79325 cor my wife, although she keeps playing in hopes of getting something higher.

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Q: What is the highest score possible on a handheld radica solitaire game for Klondike solitare?
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Is their a prefix in solitaire?

No there isnt the word Solitare is just Solitare.and i am a directioner

Are solitare diamonds real?

Solitare means single it is One Diamond. Real diamonds and fake diamonds can both be set in a solitaire setting

What does solitaire mean?

There are many different variations, but solitaire can be described as any single-player card game played with one or more standard 52 card decks. The most popular variation of solitaire is known as "Klondike".

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What is a good free solitare game?

Many computers come pre-loaded with games, and usually solitaire and spider solitaire are included. To find downloadable solitaire games, WorldofSolitaire's website has over 50 varieties of the game.

Are there any 1 player card games besides solitare?

there is a game called pyramid....but i dont no how to play it D:

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Solitare - 2011 was released on: USA: September 2011

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The solitaire game called "Pluto" is available to play online on various gaming websites or mobile apps. You can also find it in some versions of Windows operating systems, under the name "Minesweeper."

What are the release dates for Solitare - 2010?

Solitare - 2010 was released on: USA: 23 June 2010 (internet)

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Platinum Solitare 2 ridlle: Visit the largest city in Europe and find the place where time travel is possible. The city is Moscow and the game is Blackhole

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A solitaire engagement ring is one that features a large center stone. Traditionally, the feature stone is a diamond. The engagement ring may, however, include any type of gemstone. Strictly speaking, the solitaire ring is a one-stone style. You may find, however, that any ring with a large stone and smaller, accent stones may be called a solitaire. One example of this variation is the halo ring, which is a center stone surrounded by small diamonds or other gems.

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