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The highest single team's score is 443-9, which Sri Lanka scored against the Netherlands in 2006.

The highest combined scored is 872; Australia scored 434-4 against South Africa, who successfully chased it down with 438-9.

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Q: What is the highest score in an ODI cricket match?
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What is the lowest score in a ODI Cricket Match?

35 runs by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka

Who has the highest score in first class ODI cricket?

First-class and ODI are different things. First-class is any match at a first-class level with two innings per team. ODI is a 50/50 international match. Therefore this question cannot be answered.

Which England batsman holds the record for the highest score in odi match?

Robin smith

Highest score of brian Lara?

400 in test cricket & 169 in ODI Also 501 not out in first class cricket.

Which team has highest score in odi cricket?

Sri Lanka scored 443-9 against Netherlands.

What is highest score OF SEHWAG in odi in cricket?

he made 175 versus Bangladesh in World Cup 2011

Who is highest individual score in ODI cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar vs SA 200* in February 2010

Which Pakistani player has highest score in ODI?

saeed anwer is akistani player who has highest score in odi.

Sachin's highest score in ODI?

Sachin's highest score in ODI's is 200* against South Africa.

Who is the highest scored in favor of Bangladesh in odi cricket match?

The highest score of Bangladesh in ODI's is 320 for loss of 8 wickets which they made against Zimbabwe on 11 Aug-2009 at Bulawayo.Shakib Al Hasan scored 104 runs (he was also the man of the match)and Tamim Iqbal scored 79 runs in this match.Bangladesh won the match by 49 and were now leading the 5 match ODI series 2-0.

Who made the highest score in ODI cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar (India) scored 200 against South Africa

At which number of One day match sachin scored his first century?

In the international Cricket Sachin score his first ODI century at his 79th match & at present he's scored highest no of centuries in both formats of the game.

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