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I believe it was 75 to 3

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Q: What is the highest score for a MBL single baseball game?
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What was the highest score in a baseball game?


What is Ohio state football highest score?

128 was Ohio State's highest single game score.

What is the highest score in a single game in the premiership?

Manchester united 11 norwich city 0

What is the highest score ever reached by a single player in the NBA?

Wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a single game

What was the highest scoring baseball game ever?

The second highest scoring Baseball game ever was the Chicago/Philadelphia on August 25, 1922 with a final score of 26-23.

What is the highest number of baseball players ejected from a single game?


What is the highest jetman score ever?

The highest score of the computer game Jetman was 20717. The highest score is always changing, which can be found on the game itself when you play.

What is the highest team baseball score in history?

The most runs ever scored by a team in a single game was 36. This was achieved by the Chicago White Sox on June 6, 1897.

What is the highest baseball score by a team?

The highest scoring game is 26-23 Chicago vs. Philadelphia on August 25, 1922.

What is the highest score on the helicopter game?

The helicopter game is a popular flash game. The highest score that has ever been recorded on the game is 8,474 as of July 2014.

What is the highest single team score in an NFL game?

72 by Washington against the N.Y. Giants on Nov. 27, 1966

What college baseball team allowed the most HR in a single game?

The highest score collage baseball game is 23 26