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292 i think

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Q: What is the highest score for PSLE?
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What is the best PSLE score ever?


Who scored the lowest PSLE score 2010?

It wasnt released

Dunman high school psle score?

258 is the cut off point for 2010

What will be the top score for PSLE this year 2009?

It will be another record breaking 29x score considering the Math paper is a killer.

Why is PSLE crucial?

Exactly why is PSLE extremely important? It assess just how much you've learnt within the six years in primary school after which allocates you to a secondary school based on your capabilities and/or choice. PSLE score by itself is unimportant. However a good score opens the doors to good/popular institutions. Pri school entry is dependant on gene pool as well as distance from your home. What's the value of it? Well, employers of Singapore-based organizations are particularly concentrated on PSLE, GCE 'O' and also 'A' levels score for hiring, so a higher PSLE T-score might get you a much better job next time.

How to score well for maths in PSLE?

revise, and learn in lessons. the only things you can do (exept cheat)

Highest act score?

The highest ACT score is 36.

What is the highest score in archery?

The highest score available in a single shot is a score of 10.

What is the highest score you can make on the act?

Highest ACT score is 36.

What is the highest score on Madden 10?

255 is the highest anyone can score, after that the score doesnt go up

What was the highest overall score of the Spurs last year?

The highest score was 0.

What is the highest score on just run?

The highest score on just run is 1,183

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