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8 for Cleveland and 6 for Pittsburgh if you are scoring League Championships.

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Q: What is the highest score between Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns?
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Who is the highest paid player on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Ben Rothlisberger, the Steelers franchise QB, is the highest paid player in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What NFL team has the highest pay?

Pittsburgh Steelers.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player was the highest scorer in 2009?

In 2009, Jeff Reed was the highest scorer on the Steelers with 122 points.

Which NFL team has the highest number of fans?

the Pittsburgh Steelers

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers highest paid coach?

That would be the Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Who was the highest paid player for the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers?

Terry Bradshaw

Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers rank in NFL salaries?

They are the highest paying team in the NFL, having the highest median salary in the league.

Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers paid the highest?

They are paid the most in the NFL because they are the most sucesssful team in the NFL and they are awesome.

What was the highest score in a Pittsburgh Steelers game?

December 8, 1985....Pitt - 44 vs. Chargers - 54

Who was the highest paid Pittsburgh Steelers player in 2011?

LaMarr Woodley was the highest paid Steeler earning roughly 26.5 million dollars in salary and endorsements.

Byron Whizzer White was the highest paid player in 1938 for the Pittsburgh Steelers. What was his salary?

In 1938, Art Rooney Sr. offered Byron White $15,800 to play for the Steelers.

Who is the 2nd highest scoring NFL team in the 2011-2012 season?

The second most regular wins was the Pittsburgh Steelers(659).

What is the highest draft pick used on a defensive back?

In 1956 safety Gary Glick, University of Colorado, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers with 1st pick in the draft.

Who was the highest paid player on the 2007 Pittsburgh Steelers?

Troy Polamalu who signed a $30.18 Million dollar contract for a 4-year extension on July 23, 2007.

What was the highest scoring AHL hockey game ever?

The highest scoring AHL game occurred on Mar. 17, 1945 when the Cleveland Barons beat the Pittsburgh Hornets by a score of 12-10.

How tall is Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh's highest elevation is 1,370 feet.

What is highest football score by one team?

Pittsburg Steelers

Who is the highest paid linebacker?

Ben Roethlisberger of the steelers. he is not a linbacker he is the quarterback

Who are the NFL's 10 highest paid players?

big ben of the steelers

Who was the winningest head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Chuck Noll was the winningest head coach on the Steelers with a combined 209 wins and 156 losses. His regular season record was 193-148-1. Postseason was 16-8. Bill Cowher had the highest regular season winning percentage at .623 (149-90-1).

What is the highest single team score in a Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game?

The most points the Steelers scored in a game is 63 against the New York Giants on November 30, 1952 ... the Steelers won 63-7. The most points scored against the Steelers in a game is 55 by the New England Patriots 11/3/2013. The Steelers lots 55-31. The second most is 54 by the San Diego Chargers on December 8, 1985 and the Green Bay Packers on November 23, 1941 ... the Steelers lost 54-44 to the Chargers and 54-7 to the Packers.

What NFL team is second in Super Bowl wins?

In the Super Bowl era, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are tied for the second-highest number of wins with five apiece. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowls.

What is the University of Pittsburgh basketball teams highest ranking ever?


What is the elevation of the city Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

The highest elevation in Pittsburgh is 1460 feet at Reservoir Parklet at the top of Observatory Hill.

Who is the highest paid NBA team of the 2009 season?

Cleveland cavaliers